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Buddy News - Buddy Celebrates 50th Anniversary

January 25, 2008
In 1958, the first American satellite was launch into orbit and this marked a milestone in history of America. Yet many of us might not remember that date or that year very clearly, in fact, but for the Difiglio family, in Chicago, IL, that was a year never to be forgotten. Sam S Difiglio would name it after his oldest son, Buddy. With the growing demand and popularity of Buddy Products in the late 50s he decided to contract the painting of the metal products to his brother Tony, who was in the metal finishing business. Through the few years in business the two brothers made a dynamic duo. Buddy Products started to become a well known named in Chicago, IL and throughout the US. In 1966 Tony bought the 230,000 square ft future home of Buddy Products compound. In 1976, Tony bought Buddy Products, his son; another Sam Difiglio joined him in the production department and order processing. Sam's older brother, another Tony Difiglio joined Sam and his dad in 1978. Both sons have been involved ever since. Send Page To a Friend

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