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In 2008, Go Green was developed at Buddy Products Division of Nina Enterprises. The mission for the program is to educate our customers and consumers about our eco-friendly products and standards in the office product industry. Go Green also aims to educate our employees, we realize that the change comes from within everyone of us; with the proper tools we can all make a difference. We help our employees through green tips for home and office as well as giving the tools necessary to conserve resources and reducing the waste impact in their office environment. We track our waste reduction efforts and use post consumer materials that we use to produce 75% of our product line.

Initiatives are:

Waste reduction: Through better recycling program and less consumption of resources.

Recycling: Better recycling methods and more education of what to recycle and how to recycle properly. Making sure to cover all alternatives

Buy Recycled Material: In production of products, packaging and in house Supplies.

Consumer Awareness: Inform customers of Go Green Program and Waste Wise.

*Buddy Products is currently a partner of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Waste Wise Program. We are also proud partners of Global Green Alliance.

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